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Musjes bibs op Authentic Dutch Brands




Monochrome bibs and swaddle blankets for stylish babies. Made with love in Amsterdam.
Established 2015
City of origin Amsterdam
Founder Merel Maas
Category baby’s gear

Musje is a young brand of babies gear. It’s bibs and swaddle blankets are black and white, handmade, creative and have a loving touch. All the cool stuff modern moms love!
The idea of the product came to Shan (mother) and Merel (daughter) when they were looking for an original birth present. Something with a loving tiuch and also something cool, what, as they realized later, was too tricky to find. And the idea was born.

The look
Monochrome design with a touch of pastel or neon colour is hip and inspired by interior design, fashion trends and the spirit of Amsterdam. Not only the overall design, but also most of the fabrics are designed and stamped by Musje team.

The quality
The bibs and swaddle blankets are not only good looking. The quality of product is high, with an eye for details like a terry back for extra absorbency. And it can easily survive the 60˚ washing.

The gifts
All the bibs are carefully and beautifully wrapped, and include a Musje-Wish. So each bib gets a meaning and becomes a very special birthday gift.

Where to find
You can find Musje in offline stores in Amsterdam, Zandaam, Den Bosch or you can order it in official online store.

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